Ferndale Man Lost in Treorchy

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After getting lost on the Rhondda hills, a Ferndale man ends up in Treorchy and thinks he has travelled to the future.

Steve Evans, 23, of Graig Terrace Ferndale, had never ever left Ferndale before, so when he got lost while walking on the hills and ended up in Treorchy, what he saw blew his mind. “They had a train and a cinema”, he said, “I thought I’d gone forward in time.”

Only in the Movies

“I’ve only ever seen trains in the movies”, Steve said, “I thought they hadn’t been invented in real life yet”.  Following a police search lasting several hours, Steve was eventually found walking near Treorchy train station, looking dazed and confused.

Shopping Mall

Steve not only thought he’d travelled through time to the future but after seeing the Co-op in Treorchy, he thought he’d been transported to an American style shopping mall.

Never Again

Steve has vowed never again to leave Ferndale as the excitement was too much, he said “The excitement was all a bit too much really.”
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