Seaside Style Head Cut Out Photo Board Responsible for Scam Pen Y Fan Climbs

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Shocking news has recently come to light about seaside style head cut out photo boards being used by Rhondda sporting clubs to fool their friends and families into thinking they have climbed Pen Y Fan.

In Cahoots

Entire families and youth groups have been in collusion, putting their heads through the hole to make it look like they’re up Pen y Fan.

Piccadilly Circus

They also have been making up the smallest of details about Pen Y Fan in case they were challenged about their scam. This is where well known quotes have come from, for example, “It was like Piccadilly Circus up there”, is a common response heard from anyone when asked what the walk was like especially if it was sunny. Also, if the weather had been poor they were trained to respond with “You couldn’t see you hand in front of your face”

Charity Scam

Evidence has also been revealed that several charities have knowingly accepted donations from sponsors, who were fooled into thinking that the people they had sponsored had actually climbed South Wales’s highest peak.

Absolutely Ridiculous Really

A source, from within a local youth football club, said yesterday, “We were at it all the time, we’d drive all the kids to a playing field, and they’d take it in turns to stick their heads through the cut out board. We’d photograph them all one by one, and tell them to keep quiet about it. We’d buy them an ice-cream out of the charity money they’d raised.  The kids were all in on it, as long as they got their 99 or screwball they kept their mouth shut, it’s absolutely ridiculous really”

Open Toed Sandals

Fitness instructor, Ian Jones, from Ynyshir, said “I can’t believe we’ve been fooled for so long, I’ve seen hundreds of photos on Facebook of people on top of Pen Y Fan, and often wondered how some of the fat ones made it up there while pushing a double pushchair and wearing opened toed sandals.


  1. I`ve been rumbled. Sorry I fooled you the 7 times I went up there this year. I Will have to do it for real next year.


  2. So my butty Dai who said that he was up the Matterhorn was really in the car park of the Llanover was lying all the time!He has been conning tourists for years!!


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