Blaencwm Women Named After Misheard Lyrics

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A Blaencwm women has explained how she was christened with a stupid name after her parents misheard the lyrics of an Elvis Presley song.

King of Rock and Roll

Zender Evans, 35 of Taff Street, Blaencwm, has recently discovered she was given her name after her parents thought the lyrics of a famous Elvis song were “Return to Zender”. They both thought that the king of rock and roll was actually singing about a girl called Zender, and not referring to a note written on a letter.


“Return to Sender” is about a man mailing a letter to his girlfriend after an argument. She continually writes “return to sender” and he keeps receiving the letter with various reasons for returning to sender, including “address unknown” and “no such person”. He keeps mailing letters, refusing to believe the relationship is over. Presley performed “Return to Sender” in the film Girls! Girls! Girls!.

When we asked Zender how she felt about learning this news she said “At first I was devastated, but then I saw the funny side, it was an easy mistake to make really, as Elvis often sung about girls in his songs. For example, Petunia and Sylvia.”.


We were going to ask Zender’s mother and father how they felt about this but they both recently passed away, leaving a note in their will to Zender explaining the hilarious mix up.