Ferndale Man Throws Message In A Bottle Into Porthcawl Sea

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Just like the ex-lead singer of the band the Police, Sting, a Ferndale Man is hoping that someone gets his message in a bottle.

Malcolm Trunking from Albany Street, made the long journey on the 172 bus to Porthcawl earlier today, to throw his bottle into the sea, we asked Malcolm why he was doing this and he told us, “Just for the fun of it really, I’ve always dreamed of doing this and having my message found years later on some tropical island really.”

Malcolm wouldn’t tell us what in his message, “That’s a secret.” he told us, “That’s for whoever finds it to find out.”

The Police released the song “Message in a bottle” in 1979, it is about a man who throws a message in a bottle into the sea and he hopes that someone gets it. We asked Mr Trunking what he thought of the song but he had never heard of it, since he was born in 1982.

Mr Trunking threw the bottle into the sea just past the Esplanade in Porthcawl.

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