Anger As Traffic Cones Placed Outside Tylorstown Houses To Stop Parking Have Been Stolen

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A man from Tylorstown is due to appear in court next week charged with stealing over five hundred traffic cones from around the Rhondda.

Colin Thickpenny aged 38, of Penrhys Road, had been stealing traffic cones from in front of his neighbours’ houses that had been placed there to stop cars parking, and then he sold the cones back to the council.

Colin told My Rhondda News, “It all started when I noticed a lot of people in my street were using cones placed outside their houses to keep the parking space for themselves. I thought I’d be quids in if I could sell them back to the council, so I just started nicking ’em”.

Thickpenny only got caught because one clever council employee became suspicious at the amount of cones he was attempting to sell, so contacted the police.

Police said, Mr Thickpenny got greedy and started stealing cones from all over the Rhondda, “It’s just not right.”, said P.C. Dwain Wood, from South Wales Police, “People work hard for the things they own, and having their cones stolen from right on their doorstep is downright disgraceful. I’m glad we were able to put a stop to Mr Thickpenny’s enterprising scheme.”

Angela Smith, also of Penrhys Road, and a victim of cone theft told us, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, it’s bad enough that I have to put a cone outside my house to save my space in the first place, but to have it stolen is a absolutely disgusting, I hope they throw the book at him.”

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  1. I wonder if it would work if Spa & Coop in Ferndale put cones along the crossing zigzags it would stop all the lazy twats parking on them while they nip into the shops for their fags & cans?


  2. People might own their houses but they dont own the rd outside good for him i say other than selling them back to the council i would have moved em too everyone has a god given right to park anywhere as long as the vehicle is legal then theres nothing anyone can do


  3. can we have a readers wives section please. to get the ball rolling I send a picture of my rusty old munter. llawn diaoni😍


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