Ferndale Co-op Temporary Closure to Affect General Election Result

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Rhondda Labour face the prospect of losing the Rhondda seat in the June 8th general election, and it’s all due to a local shop closing it’s doors.

This week’s temporary closure of The Co-operative store in Ferndale, known locally as The Cop, is set to cause a political swing in the Rhondda. The store is due to close for just over a week from today for refurbishment work, which will mean local shoppers being forced to shop in the Spar just across the road.

As everyone in Ferndale knows, the Spar give away free copies of a newspaper with every purchase made in store, and with that paper being well known for its Tory support, local Labour supporters are absolutely shitting themselves with the prospect of local people having their political views changed by the conservative supporting stories within.

Local Labour supporter Jimothy Donald told My Rhondda News, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, the timing couldn’t be worse, we’ve worked hard to build up a lead in the polls over the Tories in the Rhondda, and all that hard work could be for nothing.

My Rhondda News conducted its own polling of voters, and previously put Labour ahead of the Conservatives in its polls for the Rhondda constituency but news of the Co-op closure has thrown the polls up in the air, and we don’t know which way to call it.

Jimothy went on to say, “I urge all Rhondda voters to refuse the free paper when offered it, but if they can’t say no, please just read the horoscopes and sports pages, and stay away from any political stories.”

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  1. I for one am getting a little fed up of these convenience store political mind games, im just hoping that UKIP will make a comeback with perhaps a different slant – one of getting us out of the grip of these late night store bureaucrats.
    I remember my mother said to me once “Pelv people vote with their feet.” not sure what she meant then and not really sure if it is relevant to this article either. perhaps one of your fine readers could explain it to me.


  2. Are you serious that Ferndale will put a Tory in!! Also your expression used to suggest “fear” leaves a lot to be desired!!
    Sad that you cannot find anything more interesting to write about!!😡


  3. When I shop in spar, if I want two things, e.g. Milk and bread, I’ll go in twice and buy them separately so I can get two copies of The Sun, I do this quite a bit and the sell the spare copies in my shop.


  4. I usually say no to the free paper, but now I say yes because I love making paper mache models of magatellies, Debbie’s discounts, top cards (when it was in its prime) and so on. My next paper mache model was going to be the famous Cop, but after reading this they have no chance! It’s absolutely ridiculous.


  5. It’s ridiculous…I ordered Carpets from Pjay and he kept sending me to Spar for different things so that he could get away with paying to supply underlay….I’ve never bought so much milk and bread in my life, not to mention bottles of pop which make me very windy at night time 😡😕


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