Rhondda Council To Trial On The Spot Fines For People Who Go Shopping Without A Used Carrier Bag

Recent media reports have told how the council are planning to bring in a law which will require dog walkers to carry poo bags with them at all times, or face a £75 on the spot fine. But the powers to be are not stopping there.

Wales First
Following the success of the 5p carrier bag charge scheme, coupled with the fact that Wales likes to be first in everything like this these days, the Rhondda is to be the first place in the UK to introduce an on the spot fine for people who go shopping without a used carrier bag.

We beat the English
Since the introduction of the 5p carrier bag scheme back in 2011, the number of single-use plastic carrier bags have declined by more than 70%, making Wales again a pioneer in something new, the scheme was quickly followed by other parts of the UK, including the English who Wales also beat to be first in banning smoking in indoor public places.

The on the spot fine for not being able to produce a used carrier bag whilst out shopping will be trialled in all areas of Rhondda Cynon Taf in summer 2017, and if the scheme proves successful it will be rolled out to all other areas of Wales pretty sharpish, with the main aim to cut down the number of carrier bags in circulation and maybe make a few quid for the charitys that currently benefit from the 5p carrier bag charge.

My Rhondda News, who are first to learn about this plan, asked a council spokesperson how the scheme will work, she told us, “Enforcement officers will have the authority to approach anyone who appears to be out shopping, and ask them to produce evidence that they either have bags or other means to carry home their shopping. An offence is committed if the shopper is unable to show the enforcement officer that they have that means.”

Local Shopper, Stella Van, told My Rhondda News, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, I recycle my carrier bags by using them as poo bags, does this mean I’m going to be fined for using a carrier bag as a poo bag, ‘cos it’s not a proper poo bag, and get another fine for not having any carrier bags left to go shopping with because I used them all to pick up poo? Mental.”

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62 Comments on "Rhondda Council To Trial On The Spot Fines For People Who Go Shopping Without A Used Carrier Bag"

  1. Its my choice to buy a bag!! | February 9, 2017 at 2:01 pm | Reply

    This is appalling!!! Want to leave the area anyway. Think this swayed me!! Rct council pile of poop!!!

  2. I think they should make dual compartment bags, one for dog poo and one for food then everyone will be happy.

  3. Absolutely disgraceful. What muppet came up with this idea. A muppet that we are paying wages too.!!!!!!

  4. What a load of twaddle again by RCT just an excuse to make money out of people again pity they wouldn’t concentrate on the things that are supposed to be in place. My daughter-in-law has been waiting three and a half months for a bin and bags for the nappy recycling after a number of phone calls and they keep saying will get this done asap. But still nothing.

  5. Shadwell Smith | February 9, 2017 at 3:43 pm | Reply

    Fair play glad to see my taxes are going to good use.

  6. How so ridiculous.
    Enforcement officers have no authority to get your name from you. What they gonna do phone the police, oh hold the police have no authority also to have your name unless they believe a crime ( criminal)as it is likely to take place .
    Is this a joke 😂😂😂.

  7. Bloody ridiculous !!!!! Disgusting take you to court for not having a carrier bag !!!!!! Trying to get money out of us all ways the robbing bastards !!!!

  8. What a brilliant idea, another example of our forward thinking local authority taking the bull by the horns and leading the rest of wales. Makes me proud ! ..

  9. Is it April fools day?

  10. Ridiculous ! So if you load shopping from trolley to car boot without a bag ???? Do these officers have power to search if carrier bags are in somebody’s handbag?

  11. Howard Ellwood | February 9, 2017 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    These nutters need locking up, so if you go for a stroll through pontypridd town as people do,the used bag coppers are gonna try and Rob u ov your hard earned money. When there’s a law to say, these pretend law enforcement knob heads have the rite to search you because they suspect your not carrying a used carrier bag. Never in a million years would that stand up in court. Total bell ends who ever thought ov this. Love to be the 1st one they come across

  12. Will you be find double for Window Shopping

  13. Another stupid thing thought of by another idiot!

  14. If you are caught shopping without a bag you’ve only yourself to blame. RCT are going to especially keep an eye on BumBargains, the Pound shop and 99p Max. Don’t take a chance, carry a used bag.

  15. So what happens if u go through town with no intentions of buying anything,i get fined for not having a bag even tho im not going to be spending money,get a grip bunch of tossers,those court summons they send out are fraudulent bcoz councils are not allowed to send out summons,the justice clerk of wales doesnt sign them they are photocopied,even if they have permission off the court,the court then is commiting fraud,both getting money by deceit,they hire a room and the clerks for the day,these people know nothing about your case which means they are in dereliction of duty which is a maladministration charge,rct is as corrupt as they come

    • The trick is not to appear like you’re going shopping, maybe carry a ladder or something so you look like you’re working.

  16. So is it now LAW that you HAVE to put your shopping in bags ,

  17. How do you get a used carrier bag ?????? Surely you have to buy a new one 1st. Ridiculous decision.

  18. Well done RCT. Good to see some common sense thinking prevailing.

  19. It’s satire for Christ’s sake! Lighten up😂

  20. I occasionally do a bit of window shopping on the weekend and don’t carry bags as I know I have no money to buy anything. Does this mean I’m going to get fined? Also if I know I need one thing in particular I won’t take bags as I know I can carry what I want back to the car… really can’t see how they can enforce this…

  21. Rct. They’re are waste of authority.
    Rct are a labour council.
    Another reason not to vote labour.
    Rct are a dictatorship.

    What am I council tax for.
    Name and shame the person/persons who came up with this idea.
    Rct should work out how to reduce council tax. Business rates and scrap bedroom tax.
    Rct are not a forward thinking authority. Sadly still stuck in the dark ages.
    Let’s get rid of Rct once and for all .
    Let community run themselves.
    Council tax is now cash cow.

  22. If anyone wants used bags we have plenty in our bag draw in the kitchen. At least 300 at last count.

  23. I like the idea of 5p to charity but where’s the proof it goes there

  24. It isn’t law that we use used bags, it’s law to buy one if you haven’t got one, try me rct, I will take you all the way……

  25. What a time of waste and money. My shopping goes trolly to boot. How are they going to in force this???

  26. How will they know if someone’s shopping or just browsing?

  27. Omg …. what a joke I pay enough council tax to you lot . I can remember when we all used our own shopping bags !! This was until the shops wanted to advertise !!

  28. Invasion of privacy for one!
    You may be buying a few items and not need a bag at all.
    Or like myself, purchase a trolly full of goods and then bag them at the car.
    Disgraceful policy!!!!

  29. The people commenting on here are madder than the writers of this hilarious article!! They probably all get caught by an April Fool Joke too!!!

  30. oh no, does this mean I’ll get sent to prison for forgetting to pick up a carrier from the boot??
    Well at least it means I get out of doing the weekly shop. Silver lining and all that….

  31. Don’t see what all the fuss is about. Always practice safe shopping and never leave the house without something to wrap it up in

  32. What an absolute waste of money. What are the officials thinking of.
    Stop wasting money on “official” buffets and get real.

  33. Maybe they’d like to put a chain on our leg so they can keep tabs on us ridiculous

  34. This is absolutely absurd! How can they show intent. It’s not illegal to buy a carrier bag and it’s not illegal to go out browsing and not buy anything. What if my wife has room in her enormous handbag for the often 1/2 things we want in Lidl…whoever thought of this incentive….needs to think again. Councillors need a good shaking. If need be, Leanne Wood talk some sense into RCT. I hope this is a hoax, im so angered by this ridiculous idea! If you don’t want people to leave home without a carrier then ask The Welsh Government to make it illegal to sell plastic carriers. I’m sure we’ve all got plenty to last us a lifetime. I used to be proud to live in the Rhondda! Questionable now!

  35. You’re joking!
    I’m not happy about that…

  36. get a grip what r they going to do sit outside every shop supermarket petrol garage just to fine them because they not using a bag to go shopping get a life Caroline xx and I always take poo bags and wet wipes

  37. It isn’t that difficult to carry a shopping bag. I remember my grandmother and her generatio never went shopping without one

  38. Well lets get one thing straight here the 5p charge for carrier bags was brought in to stop them going to land fill sights as they they take 50 years to break down that’s (plastic) bags this is before the council had there recycleing scheme now they make vast amounts of money out of it and you or I will be fined

  39. If we don’t recycle . Now do we get any thing out of recycleing ( apart from a fine ) no . We should have council tax reduced for recycleing and get something out of it . Now what a joke this is .

  40. Absolutely ridiculous try repairing the roads they want to sick of paying out for new car parts every couple of months muppets the lot of them fines for not carrying bags

  41. Come, too stupid to be true, but there again, this council have been known for it’s stupidity lol

  42. And as bags now get recycled not buryied they should be free

    • U people saying its a disgrace, RCT are the devil etc know its meant to be a joke right? Or you too busy trying to resurrect Dirty Den or petitioning the government to free Deidre Barlow?

  43. I love Stella Van and I want the world to know it.

  44. I use my carrier bags for rubbish at home saves buying black bags.
    Why dont shops stock paper bags like America. If shopping for a few item use a paper bag. It will be easily deposed of. Use reusable bags for big shops.

  45. Representing the public or robbing them?

  46. This a load of nonsense…not happening

  47. To impose a fine there would have to be a law to break and I’m not aware of one requiring the carrying or use of used bags for shopping.

  48. This is hilarious 😂😂😂

  49. I think they should fine for people who use the wrong bags in the wrong shops. Especially people who take M & S Bags to Lidl and Aldis and pretend to their neighbours they are posh, that is disgraceful. A large fine and a week in prison should sort it, and their food should confiscated and donated to food banks. If you shopping in Tescos use a Tesco bag, or you could be shoplifting and pretending you bought it in Asdas.

    • I think this is a brilliant point Wobbybrain, of course the opposite is also a problem, my mother in law doesn’t give a shite what people think of her and takes Lidl bags to M & S, so embarrassing, I won’t go there with her unless she takes more upper class carriers.

  50. Take a look at McDonald’s, they charge 5p for a non re-usable, non-handled, paper bag, and that money doesn’t go to the local councils or charity, straight as profit, and nobody does a thing, same scenario, rat could do this, and although we may moan about it, we will never do anything about it.

  51. I’m strapping my middle kitchen drawer to the spoiler on the back of my Nissan.
    It’s full of plastic bags, that drawer. That way I will never be without a bag myself down Porth or even Cymmer and I can also distribute them to the bagless.

  52. I support my mam but I draw the line at going to Cymmer.

  53. I was stopped and asked if I had a used bag yesterday in Home Bargains car park Tonypandy yesterday. I failed to produce one and was fined on the spot. The law enforcement officer was working for a private company from England and had nothing to do with the shop. He was grinning as he told me he would be doing his rounds at Lidl, Farm Foods, and even a few corner shops and Post Offices later this week….should I appeal because I have never broken the law in my 78 years?

  54. Oh I see the carrier bag Nazis are off again.
    I wonder if this barbaric law also applies to cops who are buying doughnuts.
    I sometimes pretend that I am working for one of the big supermarkets and one thing that comes up very often in my mind is how can I make my customers impulse buy. Well thank you very much RCT now that my imaginary supermarket would loose this important stream of money.
    My mother would be turning in her grave.
    Also could you clear something up-in your well written report local shopper Stella Van says she uses her second hand bags to pick up pop. However there is no mention of her having a per so I feel it’s fairly safe to assume that she is picking up her own poo. I think this woman clearly needs help!!

  55. Got to be a spoof article! If I just want a can of lemonade on a hot day I need a carrier bag? Bollocks!

  56. I have my dog with me I always carry poo bags, it would be nice to have more bins situated around to place them in, most of the time I have to walk a fair distance before coming across a bin or maybe no bin. Shouldn’t be a problem if you have a dog and carry them, rightly you should, it ain’t nice walking around and finding mess on the floor not just that your dog ends up sniffing other mess and getting it on their paws. Clean up your dogs mess simple it ain’t difficult. It’s called laziness.

  57. What a ridiculous idea and totally unenforceable. What happens if I am away from my home, not on a planned shopping trip, and then decide to carry out shopping. What would happen if I just wanted a pint of milk. This world of ours is getting crazier by the minute. I understand the situation as to dogs and dog fouling and the requirement to carry poo bags. I’m not sure that this is not an April Fools Day joke; if not it should be

  58. This is just silly you don’t always know you are going to pop in a shop when you leave the house residents won’t bother shopping and shopping on impulse fearing a fine and local shop takings will go down. This is very shortsighted!!

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