Man from Porth Wins Holiday in Ponty

The winning Ponty bottle

A man from Porth in the Rhondda has come up trumps by winning a competition on a soft drinks bottle, but guess where his prize destination was?

Donald Isaacs from Britannia Street, Porth, who never normally wins anything, picked up a promotional bottle of pop with his lunchtime meal, and when he got back to his desk at work, he entered the code into a website to try and win a holiday.

Donald’s luck was in, when the word “Winner” flashed across his screen. When he looked at the bottle he had picked up, he realised he had won a holiday to Pontypridd, just a few miles down the road.

“I never normally win anything see,” said Donald, 33, “I couldn’t believe it when I saw I’d won, I was so excited and when I realised the destination was Ponty, I was over the moon.”

Mr Isaacs, known locally as Don, who works for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council in Pontypridd, started his week’s holiday by catching the train from Porth to Ponty, with his wife Kaylee, “It felt a bit weird,” said Kaylee, “getting on the train in Porth with all our suitcases and only going two stops.”

When they got to Ponty station, they were met by Bruce Frog from the drinks company that runs the holiday promotion, and were whisked across the road to a champagne dinner in Whetherspoon’s pub. Following the meal they were put in a taxi and taken to the Heritage Park Hotel, near Porth.

Mrs Isaacs told us, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really to think me and Don were staying in the Heritage Park hotel, we’ve always wanted to stay there, but it just seemed a bit silly to pay all that money just to stay down the road. It was really posh.”

Bikini and Sun Cream
The prize also included an all expenses paid visit to the Heritage Park museum, a day’s shopping in Pontypridd, and free entry to Pontypridd Lido. They also enjoyed dinner in the Bunch of Grapes, but following their meal, they had to catch the last train to Porth and walk back to the Heritage Park.

As the prize was only for two people, Mr and Mrs Isaacs took it in turns to go home each night to look after their two children, Keeley and Keira.


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7 Comments on "Man from Porth Wins Holiday in Ponty"

  1. Pelvis Menthol | April 27, 2017 at 6:33 pm | Reply

    It’s always a welcoming read when we hear a local person has won a local holiday. Why is it though that we have to rely on foreign fizzy pop companies to win holidays. the sleazy foreigners in England have The Sun holidays but why can’t the Rhondda Leader do a similar promotion. Hats off to Don though I bet he’s a smashing fella, tidy darts.

  2. I think this is a cheap way of promoting a soft drink.
    I mean why didn’t they have a taxi from Porth to Ponty with canapes at the Llanover!! Followed by an escorted guided tour of the new Precinct development?
    Talk about cheapskate!!

  3. David Evans/Davies | April 28, 2017 at 11:47 pm | Reply

    Or even calling in to the Wonky bar and Kumar`s next door and onto the all day faggots and peas in the indoor market. Then in the evening a night out in the salubrious Gelliwasted Institute. Don and his wife didn`t see half of Ponty mun.

  4. top prize that for the sake of the price of a bottle of coke
    could of been a night up perthcelyn jam poy in a tent lol

  5. The 1st prize was a week in Porthcawl, the 2nd prize was 2 weeks in Porthcawl!

  6. Dotty Thomas | June 23, 2017 at 10:30 pm | Reply

    Well what an amazing prize to win, mind you they could’ve had a tour of the old market place, followed by afternoon tea in Princes, much posher than wetherspoons.

  7. Brilliant!

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