Rhondda Fach To Get Own Metro System

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Following recent news articles reporting that the people in the Rhondda Fach feel ‘cut off, let down’ and ‘forgotten’, My Rhondda News can now reveal some good news regarding the Fach’s public transport plans.

Leanne Wood recently raised the issue in the Senedd, calling for more opportunities and better transport into the Fach, including extending the South East Wales Metro to the Rhondda Fach.

The South Wales Metro will take in all areas of South East Wales, but current maps show it will miss out the Rhondda Fach completely. It even goes to  back-of-beyond places such as Pontlottyn, Treharris and Pentrebach.

Recently leaked documents show that Transport for Wales (TFW) have plans to give the Rhondda Fach its very own Metro System. The small side of the Rhondda, known to most Rhondda people as The Other Valley, will get a Metro system linking Maerdy to Porth.

This map has been produced to help Rhondda Fachains find their way around the new Metro.

The new Metro, known as the Rhondda Fach Metro, will provide locals with a regular bus service, leaving Maerdy every 30 minutes. “Passengers will be able to get on and off at many stops within the valley.” said Clive Munty of Transport for Wales, “This will give the people of Rhondda Fach a sense of being connected to other areas of the Rhondda Fach.”

There won’t actually be any new busses running to make up the Rhondda Fach Metro, and that’s the ingenious bit. TFW says it will save tens of thousands of pounds annually, by simply using the existing wi-fi enabled 132 bus service. “Passengers will have to get off in Porth, and then join the South Wales Metro if they wish to travel onwards,” Mr Munty continued, “unfortunately, Rhondda Fach Metro tickets will not be accepted on the South Wales Metro.”

Mary Fringe from Blaenllechau told My Rhondda News,”It’s absolutely ridiculous really, they’ve forgotten about us in Blaen again, I feel cut off, let down and forgotten.”

Clive Munty said there are no plans to extend the Rhondda Fach Metro to Blaenllechau.

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  1. So what exactly would change as we already have the 132 service and just changing the ticket name and kicking pasingers off at porth there really isn’t any changes to what we already have.


  2. I’m confused.how will this be different to the 132 route which runscevery 15 minutes?Will it cease at porth and then a bus straight through to car diff??


  3. We were contacted after the last local election about reopening the Skatepark,and as we are passionate about doing this we attended meetings to get the ball roling.That was back in the spring 20.17,unfortunately we are no further along.We attended all the meeting the council wanted it and were told they were looking in to a transfer of assets,we were excited and submitted all necessary information.Nothing has come of it,even though we were told the Skatepark was something that the people had said it was what they wanted.Where do we go from here,it is like beating your head against a brick wall, it seems as though the voice of the community doesn’t count.Shameful.


  4. The council wasted millions of pounds building a new bridge in Porth, if that was not bad enough further millions of pounds were wasted in making a new bypass from Porth to Tylorstown. Money that would have been better spent improving the Fawr side of the Rhondda. If people want to live over that dreadful forgotten side (Fach) they should pay a small toll to get there…one on the bottom of Penrhys hill and another by Porth depot. The new bridge should be moved up to Treorchy. It could be used as a fly-over to pass over the awful traffic lights and traffic hold ups by the Stag….Come on council – You know it makes sense.


  5. Build a dam in Wattstown so we can Boat down the valley and then the top streets in Ferndale will become lakeside properties. Organise fishing trips and rent out the terraces to tourists wishing to bike up to the wind farm . Post Brexit it will be like Little Switzerland up there!


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