Tylorstown Women Spotted Wearing a Onesie in Public

Tylorstown, one of many places where it is acceptable to wear night wear in public.

A women from Tylorstown has been spotted going about her daily business wearing a onesie.

Joyce Middlethumb, aged 32 of East Road, was seen by various people on Wednesday walking the streets, shopping at Lidl and picking up cash from the local Post Office, all while wearing a onesie.

A onesie is a loose-fitting one-piece leisure garment covering the torso and legs, usually worn by people while sitting on their settees watching DVD box sets. Onesies are nearly always given as gifts at Christmas to family members whether they want them or not.

Eye witness, Leanne Fringe, also from Tylorstown, told My Rhondda News, “I saw her in Lidls, she was buying a packet of ham and a French stick, she was wearing a brown, bear style onesie, it even had bear ears on it, she must have been boiling.”

“It’s absolutely ridiculous really.” said Joanna Clun of Vivian Street, “Why would anyone wear a onesie in this weather, it’s boiling. You wouldn’t catch me out in a onesie this time of year,  I dont go out in mine until after the 6 weeks holidays. I wear nighties out in summer to try and get a bit of sun on my legs.”

We asked Miss Middlethumb why she was wearing a onesie on the hottest day of the year so far, and she told us that all her nighties were in the wash, and it (the onesie) was all she had clean.”

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  1. Was she the slim one without a bandaged leg

  2. It was the woman with the French Baguette in the hand

  3. I bet my comment will be moderated.No News is good news.Cymru am Byth!

  4. This is a “Comedy Show” i,m writing to?Nothing like Tylorstown humour butty.

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