Rhondda People Use Snow Photos From 1982 To Fool Their Bosses Into Letting Them Have Time Off Work

Following a weekend of nothing more than a light dusting of snow, many Rhondda folk flooded social media with old photos showing scenes of heavy snow fall from 1982, and claiming the photos were from this weekend.

The scam was dreamt up by a man from Ferndale who fancied a few days off work following a hangover from an all dayer down Tylorstown Rugby Club. Richard Mussell from Elm Street told my Rhondda News that he only meant to send the photo to his boss, which showed Elm Street during the record snow fall of 1982, but instead he made the post public. Then everybody who saw it had the same idea, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really,” said Richard, “it went viral.”

Band Wagon
It didn’t take long for the trend to spread, and people from Maerdy to Wattstonwn and Blaen-Rhondda to Tonypandy were soon going through old photo albums looking for old snow photos to send to their bosses. Rhondda Facebook groups were amass of snow photos, all aimed at fooling employers into giving people the day off.

Jeff Gates, who runs a second hand shop in Porth told my Rhondda News, “There wasn’t a flake of snow in Porth, but my shop assistant Mary, from Blaenllechau, told me she couldn’t get the car out of her street. She sent me a photo of the snow, it looked a bit old and grainy, but I thought nothing of it at the time.”

School’s Out
It’s estimated that over 2500 people from the Rhondda didn’t go into work today and yesterday all claiming it was due to snow and ice. The caretaker of a Rhondda school even sent old snow photos to the headteacher, who live in Tongwynlais, fooling her to close the school for two days.

A professor from Cardiff Business School told us, “People from Pontypridd and Cardiff have for years found it hard to believe that the Rhondda can get so much snow while they don’t get a single snow flake, but now it looks like the truth is finally out.”


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12 Comments on "Rhondda People Use Snow Photos From 1982 To Fool Their Bosses Into Letting Them Have Time Off Work"

  1. That’s not a photo from 1982! They have coloured double glazing!

  2. No its not ed! The shape and amount of cars on the street tells me it’s not 82 the year I was born

  3. Is he dead?

  4. Can’t comment on the pic but as for the snow up here over weekend it as been at a stand still till today only some main roads were open

  5. It’s not a fake, zoom in on the photo, tipper trucks did look like that back in 1982. I should now.

  6. Well I can tell you that photo is deffo right by the shape off the cars you d.head

  7. it is definitely 1982 as the photos are in black and white

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